Radio Outlaw
Very Independent
Broadcasting to the world from Bakersfield California
To a network of 12,300 radio stations around the world
Streaming Versus Over The Air Broadcasting
Hybrid Broadcasting
Streaming radio stations
cost more to operate on
a per a listener basis.
Most streams connect to a single listeners computer or phone. Streaming radio stations are charged by the stream: The more streams a station has; the more it cost to operate. As a streaming station audience grows, the more it cost per a listener.

Over the air stations
are just the opposite!
The operating cost for an over the air radio station is fixed as far transmission cost are concerned; regardless if the station has one listener or thousands!

For the over the air broadcaster: The more listeners a radio station has the better; since the per a listener cost goes down when it comes to operating cost.
Streaming Computer
Streaming Listener
Single stream to listener
The more streams a streamer has, the more it cost to operate the streaming radio station
A radio station transmitter uses the same energy regardless of the number of listeners.
In March of 2006, Radio Outlaw's founder asked the question:
What if each of our streams had a transmitter at the other end?

The answer was: Each stream could serve thousands of listeners instead of just one.
We knew one problem we would encounter, was that each location would need a computer, a broadband Internet connection, and a safe place to house it and the transmitter. Very costly! To start off with, a few locations needing a computer was workable to start off with. To grow our network, there had to be a better way! Innovation solved the problem with a little box!

The box from Barix, that made locating transmitters simple. Low power drain meant it could be solar powered
and easily placed anywhere
at a reasonable cost.
In the beginning Radio Outlaw started out by installing our small FM transmitters in densely populated condo & apartment communities.

Within a short time broadcasters from around the world, started asking us if they could carry our programming. Some of the stations had a lot more power than we ever dreamed of; so the decision was made to make Radio Outlaw a radio network. Before we knew it: We had thousands of streams feeding stations around the world and growing rapidly.

Our physical as well as technical facilities became overwhelmed, reaching full capacity in short order. Full capacity included 3,500 radio affiliates around the world. The only cost effective way to grow any further; was to distribute our programming via satellite.

Now radio stations only need access to a ku band satellite dish and receiver. Our ku satellite now provides service to all of Central and North America, serving million of listeners in addition to the new over the air radio stations; now able to rebroadcast our signal.
Radio Outlaw Goes Hybrid!
High quality transmitters like the EDM LCD and Ramsey FM30b allowed us to easily place them in large condo and apartment communities. Some Radio Outlaw affiliates cover large RV Parks and resort areas; while others are located in large university dorms, office complexes and industrial centers.
Many of the communities Radio Outlaw affiliates serve, only have a few radio stations on the dial.

Making it much easier for listeners to find and enjoy our programming. Streaming radio stations are a speck among thousands upon thousands of competing streaming radio stations.
Thinking Outside The Box
Starting Out
Radio Outlaw
This little FM transmitter covers thousands of listeners in the
community it serves.
Counts as spin by streamers (internet radio stations)
A song played to millions listeners, counts
as one spin on Radio Outlaw's network!
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XRQK Las Vegas
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