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Broadcasting to the world from Bakersfield California
To a network of 12,300 radio stations around the world
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Radio Outlaw is to radio what ABC, CBS & FOX are to television. We produce programs for radio stations that don't have the resources or budget to produce programs 24/7 on their own. Very much like a local TV station relies on the big TV networks for programming.

Further defined: Radio Outlaw functions very much like Premier or Westwood One, which provide programming for big corporate radio stations around the USA. Many of the DJ's on your local radio station really come from Westwood One studios near Los Angeles. Talk show host like Rush are provided to your local station by Premier; which in turn is owned by mega corporate broadcaster IHeartRadio.

The big difference between Radio Outlaw & Westwood One is that Radio Outlaw affiliates are privately owned radio stations that specialize in playing strictly independent artists; instead of the big corporate artists that big corporate radio plays.

Unlike TV stations; very few radio stations disclose their DJ's are really at the Westwood One studios near Los Angeles. The radio stations want the listeners to think the DJ's are local.

Here are a few examples: A radio station in Kingman AZ, makes it seem like their DJ line up is local: KZKE DJ Line UP You will find the very same DJ line up on Kool Danville Illinois and on
Kool 95.7 and you find Bruce Chandler on KRTH too.

Radio Outlaw affiliates are the same way in that they don't want the local audience to know their DJ's are really in Bakersfield, California or elsewhere. In some countries: Radio stations don't even want the government to know they exist. For those reasons: We keep our affiliate list confidential; which helps protect many radio stations around the world. For the record: Westwood One and others won't hand over their station list for business reasons either.

Radio Outlaw
Our affiliates not only have access to our talent, but our growing library of independent artists
for shows that are
produced locally.
Many of our radio stations
use really big transmitters
that cover big cities.
Some of our radio stations use small transmitters designed
to serve smaller communities
Many of our affiliates are owned & operated by former students of
Radio Brandy
Some are not!
Some of our affiliates
are group owned
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