Radio Outlaw
900 Mhz Marti
STL Transmitter
Local FM Transmitters
STL antenna picks signal at the transmitter site and sends it to a receiver which connects to the FM transmitter.
STL Receive Antenna
The signal leaves the local studios
in one of two ways:
1 via UHF & 5.8 Ghz Wi-Fi STL's
2 via IP using Barix and computers
This set up shows a 900 Mhz UHF STL
Multiple networks like these exist by
the thousands around the world

From the local community radio network, a Barix Exstreamer 100 or computer
is used to convert the streams into a analog signal to be fed into the local mixing console for the over the air broadcast network as shown below.
From the local radio studio, the signal is distributed via local UHF studio to
transmitter link or private 5.8 Ghz Wi-Fi links which in turn feeds the local
AM & FM transmitters that send the program to listener radios.
From the master servers,
the streams arrive at the local
community radio networks.
Radio Outlaw programs, leave our studio center
in multiple IP streams from our servers; which in
turn connect to master servers via fiber and satellite around the world.
Exstreamers feed
local studios or transmitters
Mixer receives its program from the Exstreamer or a PC;
depending on the local stations.
Radio Outlaw
Satellite fed radio stations, receive our programming from a set up like this
Satellite receiving requipment
Local broadcast studio
FM transmitter
AM transmitter
Millions of people around the world, receive
their radio stations via KU Band satellite.
Monitoring equipment for one of our FM affiliates
Listeners only need a simple
radio to listen to our programs
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